Apr 042019
Review: Amma, Tell Me about Holi
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Book: Amma, Tell Me About Holi

Author: Bhakti Mathur

Type: Paperback

Age: 4-8 years

In our home reading books during the festival time to our child has become an additional tradition. We start off a few days before so that ensures our child is talking and all excited for our family festivities. I got the book ‘Amma, tell me about Holi’ just a few days before Holi to make my 5 year old more aware of why we celebrate Holi instead of just playing colors and dancing to songs. For him it was about water gun fights.

A beautifully illustrated book that talks about culture

This story book was a great way to share our culture and especially our unique mythological tale about Holi. The book is wonderfully illustrated. The big pictures and bright colors ensure that the child retains his/her attention throughout.

It begins with a boy, Klaka, asking his mother to tell him the story of Holi.  

She tells them the tale about Krishna and Radha and how Krishna’s prank become the yearly festival. It also has the story of Prahlad, Maheshasur and Holika. The story is worded just right so kids are not too frightened by the demon and fire.

My boy loved the book so much that we both read it in his class to celebrate with all the children. It was a big success. It is rather long so for many younger children one may read the book in parts. My 5 year old was fine to listen through the story from beginning to end.

You can add a bit of fun and do some role playing. I pretended to be the evil King and used my deep loud voice for the dialogue.

The author, Bhakti Mathur, has written many other stories about mythological tales and festivals. We have also read ‘Amma tell me about Diwali.’

You can find all of her other books here on Amazon.

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