Apr 012019
Review: Gajapati Kulapati
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Book: Gajapati Kulapati

Author: Ashok Rajagopalan

Type: Paperback

Age: 2-6 years

Such a delightful story this is. The pictures are nice and big so even younger ones can watch the big elephant, the banana seller and the others in the village. But the story itself is just a whole lot of fun to read with young ones.

Gajapati Kulapati is about a big elephant with a big cold. The poor elephant gets wet in the rain and then sneezes with a big AAAACHOOOO. With his AACHOOOO he disturbs with banana seller who disturbs the postman who knocks down a cow and the chaos continues. Finally, our big Gajapati is eased of his cold and gigantic sneezes. Everyone in the village decides to make him a home so he never gets a big AACHHOO again.

The lesson loving Mom in me loves the fact that all the people come together to make our Gajapati a nice house so he stays warm. A gesture of kindness for young ones is always a good lesson. My son just loves the exaggeration and making a loud AACHOOO. He giggled away when Gajapati’s sneeze was compared to the sky falling. The humorous descriptions make this story book worth reading again and again. Each time the elephant sneezed my boy and I would shout together AACHOO. My five year old boy has started to read the story book on his own. It’s a simple read.

This Indian author has both written and illustrated this book. He has also written Gajapati Kulapati KalabaloooshAll the Gajapati books in other languages are available here on Amazon.

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