Sep 242022

Review: Gulgul In Up-Up-Purra

While they are going to the pet store planet, Jit, Jinny’s brother and Gulgul’s father, accidentally makes the cab to go to a different planet, Up-Up-Pura instead of Puppura

Sep 132022

Splendid Spectrums for Gulgul [Review]

In this book, she goes on a school trip to planet 54 R3 84MM4. She calls it SA RE GAMMA and her teacher confirms that this planet is actually all about music.

Sep 042022

Get Kitch-hen Ready With Gulgul! [Review]

Papadom was the planet of Kitch-hens who spoke Henglish and clooked all kinds of amazing food but they loved making sweets the most and were waiting to make the best sweet that was made by mother hen herself.