Apr 212021

Review: Hey, That’s An A!

This book ‘Hey, that’s an A!’ by Jerry Pinto became a fun thing for us. And why not?! Why don’t you try to put your hands up and make an A. Or why don’t you try and stand tall as “Y”. Totally totally amazing book with illustrations by Sayan Mukherjee that makes it fun while learning.

Apr 112021

Review: Ten Heads for Tanuj

One night after listening to the story of the mighty Ravana Tanuj went off to sleep not knowing he will get the biggest surprise of his life next morning!! Guess what! He woke up to find himself with ten heads!!

Mar 172021

Review: The Bad Seed

The Bad Seed (by Jory john, illustrated by Pete Oswald) is one seed that stands out among the others for doing all nasty things! Never keeping the things in place, late almost every time, cutting lines and telling lies for petty things. While everyone hates him, they don’t know the story behind his being bad.

Feb 272021

Review: It All Began When I Said Yes

The book is about a little girl who says no to everything that her parents ask her to do. So much so, that her mum and dad ask her if she can just try to say yes once! It all changed when Gideon, the Gorilla arrived at her door!