Aug 172021

Review: 100 Questions – The Plant and Animal Kingdom

This lovely collection of 100 very unique questions and answers on plant and animal kingdom is like a goldmine for inquisitive minds. Categorized beautifully into relevant sections like Powerful Plants, Amazing Amphibians, Awesome Aqua life, Birds, Insects, Reptiles and mammals, this pretty much covers the whole flora and fauna.

Jul 192021

Dealing with the tiring threes and fearsome fours wouldn’t have been easy if it was not for these books. Books can work like magic. I have felt this working with my boys all the time. I wanted to share our favourite books of the last one year which have made us smile and sail through all tantrums and meltdowns.

Jul 052021

Tasteless Medicine! #kbcAPinchOfMagic

I told Adu to crush the hajmola while I cleaned the lemongrass and mint leaves. Adu being a fan of hulk got into the hulk smash mode and in no time finished crushing the hajmolas. Next we needed the white onion juice. Since our mom was at work, we had the best helper… our Dida (our grandmom). She quickly helped us crush the onion and we used a white cloth to take out the juice. Now that we had everything ready, we had to mix it. The trick was to mix everything together and give it a real good shake. Adu said… one, two, three goooooo!