Aug 222023
Review: The Treasure of The Khasi Hills
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Book Name- The Treasure of The Khasi Hills
Written By- Hemendra Kumar Roy
Translated By– Jashodhara Chakraborti
Published by- Talking Cub (an imprint of Speaking Tiger Books)
Type- Paperback
No. of Pages- 176
Recommended Age- 10-14 years

I am posting this review on behalf of my 10 year old son Divit.

The Mysterious Skull

This is a story of a treasure, an epic adventure about two friends, a faithful attendant and a dog who would do anything for them.

Kumar is a young Bengali boy. One day he was rummaging through his late grandfather’s old trunk. He didn’t expect to find anything interesting but he did! It was a skull and his grandfather’s pocketbook. There was something confusing about the skull though – there were tiny letters and numbers written all over it! At first, he thought that it was just random, but after reading a few pages of the pocketbook he finds out that it is a code to a treasure! He goes to his friend Bimal, who helps him decipher it and persists that they embark on a dangerous journey to the mesmerizing and captivating Khasi Hills to find the lost treasure.

Let me tell you that Khasi hills was home to deadly creatures, dangerous snakes and fierce tigers. After a lot of arguing, Kumar finally agreed. But he was still worried. Had any Bengali boy of his age ever gone on such a spine-chilling quest? He decided he couldn’t worry about that anymore. He just had to do it. But to make matters worse, Karali, an imposturous friend, wanted the treasure all to himself! They had to beat the evil, menacing Karali to get to the treasure. Taking loyal attendant Ramhari and dog Bagha seemed like a good idea. Finally, when dusk fell, they began their journey. But it wouldn’t be so easy – they’d have to cross various obstacles as well. Would the boys be able to find their way to the hidden treasure or get lost in the beautiful but deadly Khasi hills??

What I liked the most about this book is the story which kept me wondering “what next” on every page. There are no illustrations but you would not need them because you will imagine every scene in your head. If you like adventure as a genre this will become your favourite book once you read it.

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Disclaimer: Achira and her sons are part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and they received this book as a review copy from the author.

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