Aug 012022

Review: Nimmi’s Spectabulous Schooldays

This book is about 11 year old Nimmi Daruwala who is all set to start a new class and is looking forward to the spectabulous school days ahead. But the new class started on a very BAD note. You want to know why?

Jul 282022

Review: Grandfather’s Tiger Tales!

The book is a collection of 3 short stories that revolve around tigers. I didn’t know about Sundarbans at all till I read this book but now I really want to visit the forest on one of my trips there.

Jul 202022

Review: The Magic Couch – Adventures with Thatha

There is only a couch but this couch creates magic when the little boy shares his imaginations with his Grandpa who gives wings to his imagination. The couch takes them for adventures to different parts of our country.

Jul 022022

Review: The Tiger of the River

The story is about a giant hump-backed Mahseer fish, named Matisha. Matisha takes us along on a river journey from its birthplace, downstream, then back upstream to lay its eggs and downstream again, describing everything it sees along the way.