Jul 232021

Review: A Pinch Of Magic

A Pinch of Magic is a fun story in a South Indian setting revolving around a little girl, Veena, trying to help her aunt, Malu, who is in trouble. Malu who is a solopreneur selling herbal medicines is in trouble because of her broken pinching spoon without which she can’t measure to accuracy to get her medicines right.

Jul 162021

Review: Hope – Stories For A Healthy Mind

This book brings out the emotional challenges that we go through as kids and adults in three relatable stories. The characters Ryan, Shoma and Kabir’s stories present the stress and strain of modern life and strike a chord with us.

Jul 042021

Herbal Lizard Be-gone Ball #kbcAPinchOfMagic

We entered our herbal science lab, our terrace garden. We took a mug and plucked some leaves of tulsi, ajwain and pudina. We added some water and each of us took a turn to crush the leaves with a stone. Then, one of my friends said, “Arey, this is smelling fresh and nice, like the chutney my mother makes. The lizard will have a feast and not go away”.

Apr 132021

Review: Ganesha’s Temple – An Epic Odyssey

I started reading the book which at first, looks like a page from everyday life that revolves around this teenage boy Taran and his family. Starting out with a peek into sibling rivalry and taking us through the colours of Ganapati visarjan, the story efficiently unfolds its adventure and fantastical elements with a quick turn of events. Soon enough, Taran finds himself charged with a mission by the Lord Ganesha himself!

Jan 052021


Book Name: GULGUL IN SEA-SAW GARA Author & Illustrator: Ashok Rajagopalan Type: Paperback Age Group: 5-8 years The Gajapati Kulapati famed author with an aim to make people, especially little people, laugh, has undoubtedly kept…Continue Reading