Apr 042023

The writer tells a captivating story of a young boy who grew up in extreme poverty and hopelessness, and of his eventual rise as a leader known as Bhagwan Birsa. He not only united all the Mundas, who referred to themselves as Birsaites, but instilled a sense of fear in the British so deep, that they had to gather all their forces to try and capture him.

Jan 302023

Mindful Mindlessness of Maithili and Minotaur [Review]

Whoever collects the most eesals, would get to do what they liked for one day. They know better than to step inside the deep forests, but Maithili knows that if they step inside, with the abundance of eesals there, they would win easily. Even if they all know it’s an idea that has not been thought through, with much reluctance, Minotaur, Wolfhoud and Nagesh agree. After all, what could go wrong?
Unfortunately, everything does.

Dec 262022

Review: Ramanujan: From Zero To Infinity

Ramanujan is part of the “Great Minds at Work” series from Duckbill. It shows a year in the re-imagined world of Srinivasa Ramanujan. Punny, and filled with riddles, this will delight your kid, regardless of whether they are averse or keen towards the subject.

Oct 272022

Review: Young Detective

Written by Sumita Bose, an educator, Young Detective is a collection of one dozen interesting stories, Young Detective is a book with a difference. Each story ends with a question that the reader can solve.