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Falling leaves and more books are what September 2023 is about!
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Our members have been ordering and recommending some incredible books. Here’s this month’s curation!

pc: Punidha

BLUE BY BRITTA TECKENTRUP for 3-5 years (32 pages). Punidha has shared the review and inside pages of this book here in the fb group. Excerpts (edited by Asha): “This is a story about a bird named Blue who lives in the lowest branch of the Great Tree of the dense forest where hardly any sunlight passes through. It is completely dark and Blue forgets how to fly, sing or play and he is depressed and sitting all alone but he wants to feel the warmth of the sun. The other birds leave him because Blue is not interested to fly or play with them. A new bird named Yellow enters the forest and wherever he travels, he spreads magic through golden light and leaves become green. Yellow observes Blue sitting in the darkest region of the Great Tree. Yellow always creates a tune and his humming reaches all over the forest. Blue doesn’t notice Yellow at first but as the day passes by, he hears Yellow’s lovely humming tune and he raises his head. He sees the magic of the leaves becoming green and that even the darkest region is lit up with the magic of Yellow.

The title is apt and the lovely story is complimented with fabulous illustrations – darkness in the beginning, yellow magic in the middle and lush green at the end. This story also emphasizes that we all need someone like Yellow around when we are feeling so low. It helps children deal with sadness, especially for others. We love the author Britta Teckentrup’s books, especially ‘Grumpy Cat’.

I Heart Pluto Board book by Chris Ferrie for 0-3 years (18 pages). Punidha has shared the inside pages here in the fb group.
All of Chris Ferrie’s books are superhits with our childoos.

Numbers, Colours, Opposites, Shapes and Me!: A Pop-Up Book. Punidha has shared inside pages here.

Butterfly Colors and Counting (Jerry Pallotta’s Counting Books) for 0-3 years (10 pages)

A Year on Adam’s Farm (16 pages) is an interactive non fiction book with 40 flaps! Achu highly recommends this book to introduce farm life to smallies.

All About Allosaurus: A funny prehistoric tale about friendship and inclusion (Storytime) (24 pages)

She Persisted in Science: Brilliant Women Who Made a Difference by Chelsea Clinton for 3-6 years

Rick: The Dog With A Difference Mahalakshmi has shared a mini review and inside pages here.

Bob’s Blue Period (Bob the Artist) for 3-5/6 years (32 pages)

SONNY SAYS, “Mine!” by Caryl Hart (32 pages) – a book on sharing

Sometimes I Just WON’T (32 pages). The author Timothy Knapman has written other books as well. His book Thunder Down Under is a riot!

Never Show A T-Rex A Book! for 3-5/6 yrs (32 pages)

There Was a Young Zombie Who Swallowed a Worm (32 pages). Mona says this is a very funny book!

Nellie Belle by Mem Fox (32 pages)

Not Just a Book… illustrated by Tony Ross (32 pages)

Mr Chicken Goes to Paris (32 pages)

Planes Planes Planes!: Find Your Favourite (50 to Follow and Count) for 3-6 years. There are other books in the 50 to Follow and Count series.

The Cookie: A story of friendship and food allergy by Kath Grimshaw for 3-8 years (38 pages). Punidha has shared a fabulous review and the inside pages here in the fb group.

Nana the Great Comes to Visit for 3-7 years (40 pages)

I’ll Go and Come Back for 3-6 years (40 pages) Lovee Jain Ramachandran recommends this, “It’s a beautiful story of a girl in USA and her grandmom in India ..”

You are Special (Wemmicks) for 3-7 years (26 pages)

Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah for 4-8 years (40 pages)

Boy Wonders for 4-8 years (40 pages)

The Song for Everyone (40 pages) [recommended for readers who have enjoyed THE WORLD MADE A RAINBOW – which means all of our kbc childoos!

Thank You and Good Night for 4-8 years (40 pages) by an award winning author)

The Queen of Flowers for 4-8 years (34 pages)

Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color for 4-8 years (40 pages)

I Feel… Something for 4-8 years (56 pages)

The Velveteen Rabbit Paperback – Import, 10 December 2022 for 0-5 years (56 pages)
Hairdresser in a Hairless Town for 4-7 years (44 pages)

Gullu (Granddaughter) and Nanaiyya (Grandmother) – The Story of Waste (52 pages). Punidha recommends this for 5-8 years. She has shared a mini review and inside pages in the fb group.
Aachi Thatha’s Kitchen for 8+ (48 pages)

The Comet of Doom: A Thrilling Tale from the Time of Moctezuma (64 pages)


The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams: Big Berry Robbery: Book 2 for 7-9 years (224 pages). The shop of impossible ice creams is a series with more books!


MICE TWICE Caldecott Honor Book for 4-8 years (32 pages). Quoting Namita:

Little Rabbit Foo Foo by Michael Rosen and Twice Mice – both books have out & out naughty central characters who are given opportunities (as well as reminders!) to be good and mend their ways – which they ignore to their peril…but so enjoyable to read in the way the story(s) is told! Beautiful illustrations add to the charm of seeing the story come to life.

Egg Tree Caldecott Honor Book (32 pages)
Town Is by the Sea for 5-7 years (52 pages)
I Go Quiet by David Ouimet (48 pages) for older kids. It’s about an introvert girl who is struggling to find her voice/place in this very noisy world….

Saving Sorya – Chang and the Sun Bear: Winner of the Yoto Carnegie Medal for Illustration 2023 (Return to the Wild, 3) for 7-11 years (120 pages)


My Sea World Sticker Activity Book for 3-5 years (32 pages) by Om Books

Seredene – Aishwarya recommends this for teens who “love mystery, magic and pets”.

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