Jul 182021
NBT HINDI BOOKS! (3-7 years)
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We’re huge National Book Trust (NBT) & Children’s Book Trust (CBT) Books fans! For many reasons! They are by Indian authors. They are super affordable. They have the most beautiful stories and illustrations. Most of us have English books (here is one such English bookset on Amazon that includes Raavan Remedy), but many parents have been asking for Hindi books – so it made perfect sense to curate this post.

In addition to what we mentioned above, most important, the language of the Hindi books is easy to understand and interesting enough to engage with readers who are used to reading English books only!

pc: Achira

Though the books are ideal for 3-7 years, they have been a boon even for 3-8 year olds from non-hindi speaking backgrounds! And hence come highly recommended.

So if you’ve been wanting to expose your children to easy-to-read and understand Hindi books to help them improve their language skills, NBT Books would be a really good start.

We used to buy them at Book Fairs. But now after the pandemic they are also available on Amazon! They come in different sets of 10-13 books. We’re listing down some here with you!

  1. Hindi Story Set of 12 books

2. Hindi Story Set of 13 Books – Sharaddha has this set!

Shraddha’s story set!

Hindi Story Set of 13 Books

Hindi Story Set of 11 Books

Hindi Story Set of 10 Books

Quoting Achira:

I was looking for some Hindi story books and then I found this gem thanks to Kbc! I got a set of 10 books and what beautiful stories and colourful illustrations. Perfect to get my 8 year old son into reading Hindi!


Meghla recommends NCERT Barkha Series so we’re including them here as well.

NCERT BARKHA SERIES Level 1 – 4 (40 books)

Amardeep highly recommends this series. Quoting her:

With us not talking much hindi at home, the only way to make Neil (my 4yo son) pick up the language was to make Hindi reading a routine. I wanted books with short, simple lines as my aim was to help him pick up words, grammar and speak full sentences, but not feel overwhelmed with the language. The NCERT Barkha books, recommended by Meghla, seemed perfect for us given that they were graded level wise. Meghla, thank you so much for recommending these – Neil has picked up speaking (and reading basic) hindi within 2 weeks! These books are possibly the best books for early hindi readers and also for those trying to pick up the language. They have short, simple, easy to understand sentences but have not compromised on the fun aspect of the story – they are as engaging as any other story. The paper and printing quality is very basic, but I’m extremely happy with the content. The same characters (children) appear in the different stories from Level 1 to 4, so kids find it easy to relate to them and look forward to reading another story about them. Highly highly recommend these books for anyone looking for early readers in Hindi, ideally for ages 3 plus.

NCERT BARKHA SERIES Level 1 & 2 (20 books)

NCERT BARKHA SERIES Level 3 & 4  (20 books)

Hindi Storybooks for Children- Bhoora bhalu ki kahaniya(Set of 6 Books) (Ages 3-6 years) – Meghla came across these and says it’s the Hindi equivalent of Pepper series!

Beeja ka Jaadu (on waste management) recommended by Mona for 3 years+. This is published by Sonalika Publications. There are other Hindi books by Sonalika Publications that get ordered quite often.


Scholars Hub Hindi Books – story books as well as practice workbooks
Scholars Hub Hindi Workbook combos (come for different classes)
Scholars Hub Hindi Anuched Lekhan (paragraph writing) for different classes – gets ordered very often!

A lot of parents have been asking about the basics for Hindi learning. Adding some other recommended books/resources here.

Wonder House Pratham Hindi Varnmala: Early Learning Padded Board Books for Children (My First Padded Books) has been recommended by Gauri Aras and many other parents.

My First All in One: Bilingual Picture Book for Kids Hindi-English – Achira recommends this as well.

Skillofun Hindi Shabd Rachna was first recommended by Shipra. Amardeep says, “This has helped us tremendously in word formation and maatra recognition and reading.”

Wissen Hindi varnamala educational wooden boards/puzzles & WISSEN Wooden Hindi Varnamala and Swar Flash Card both recommended by Punidha.

Sampurna Hindi Matra gyan by Sawan – Krutheeka highly recommends this and has shared a video in the kbc fb group.


Hindi for Beginners (Age 4-7) |A Complete Home-Schooling Kit of 6 books| All-in-one 304 Pages of Text Books , Worksheets and Writing Practice with free Interactive Digital Learning Thematic Multimedia Lessons BY 3H LEARNING.

T4TALES HINDI BOARD BOOKS are push, pull interactive super duper hit books with our 0-4 yos. Every parent recommends these books big time!

Gutargoo (NEW RELEASE!) This is a touch and feel book – the first of its kind in Hindi!

Thank you Meghla, Achira, Shraddha, Amardeep, Shipra, Seema for sharing your images and inputs!

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the book titles & images have been added to enable you to buy the books from AMAZON, should you wish to! A very small amount of money comes to kidsbookcafe.com when you purchase a book via the amazon affiliate link provided (at absolutely no extra cost to you!). Do let us know if you need information about other children’s books by writing to asha@kidsbookcafe.com.]

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