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Kiaan’s Kaleidoscopic Reading Journey!! #kbcbookbingotoddler (1-4 years)
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We have tried introducing books to Kiaan since he was five months old. From licking and eating books, to tearing and holding them to listening to the stories with rapt attention and now knowing many of the books by heart we have come a long way. KBC has been there guiding us throughout. Here is his myriad collection. We hope you will love going through them.

  1. A yellow coloured book: Growing With Yoga by Rama & Aditi Chandrasekhar

These days Kiaan is being taught yoga at his school. So it was the perfect time to get this marvelous book from Tulika publications on yoga for the little ones. After a brief introduction, it depicts some easy yoga postures where kids can turn into a dog or a yawning lion or even a butterfly!! The Sanskrit names for the postures too are mentioned along with short descriptions. We are always super excited to try the postures, guess the animal and try to pronounce the names.

2. Leaf or flower on the cover: How Many Trees by Barroux

This is a very interesting book which encourages discussions on a variety of topics like how to put across your point in a conversation without being rude or dominating and how to find your own voice. As the different animals start guessing how many trees make up a forest each one says a number based on their needs or size or seasons. I try to teach Kiaan some basic concepts of deforestation and why trees need to be protected. And this book touches on that topic too. Profound and appealing.

3. A book with siblings: The Tiffin Tree by Mary Ann Dasgupta

When the brother sister duo of Dipu and Rita leave their small town home and shift to a busy metro they miss their green home and its flora and fauna. They remember the beautiful and chirpy birds that used to visit their garden. Will they be able to recreate the same in this bustling crowded city? Will the siblings’ patience pay off?

4. A book that features mom : If I could keep you little by Marianne Richmond

This very special book pulls at every parent’s heartstrings. The constant dilemma of how we wish they were little babies a little longer vs the joy in watching them grow and learn new things every day has been portrayed beautifully. This one is for keeps reminding you of the incredible journey of parenthood with magical moments.

5. A book that features Dad: Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer

The very cute illustrations and simple text have made these books a preferred one for all kids. Just Me and my Dad is about the little ones camping trip with his Dad and how he does all grown up things like helping him pitch the tent and light a fire and go fishing for dinner. Kiaan always gets excited and wants to go on another outdoor trip whenever we read this!!
There are many books in the LITTLE CRITTER series.

6. A bedtime book: Bedtime Blastoff by Luke Reynolds

This delightful book shows the special bond between a father and his son and how Daddy helps the little boy enact various role plays before he finally agrees to go to bed. With just few words thrown in and adorable illustrations, Kiaan loves this book which ensures loads of fun with Papa as they repeat all the games transforming into a sailor, an astronaut or numerous more exciting avatars!

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7. Lift the flap book: Beautiful Oops by  Barney Saltzberg

This recent addition to our collection is pure genius!! It’s one of the most unique books on our shelf which shows that any mistake can be an opportunity to make something beautiful!! While reading this Kiaan makes deliberate smudges, spills and tears just to explore what creative turn we can give those shapes!! With numerous flaps and interactive pages this is an absolute must have!!

8. A cat book: The King Cat by Marta Altés

This is a very pretty book where the pet cat is the King of the house. He is super comfortable with his set rules but gets very disturbed when suddenly another animal is brought in. Not liking this new addition who takes away so much of the attention from his humans and breaks all the rules, he detests him.  Kiaan has recently got a soft toy kitten and loves reading this book to his Kitty. It also taught him the differences in the characteristics of different pet animals.

9. A book by Debi Gliori: No Matter What by Debi Gliori

A book that will never grow old just like Mom’s love!! Small keeps asking Large various queries of if he became a bug or a crocodile would Large still love him? And she keeps reassuring him that her love is forever. The accompanying illustrations too are equally heart warming.

10. A book on first experiences: Little World: At the Airport: A push-and-pull adventure Board book by Samantha Meredith

When it comes to first experiences, Little Worlds ‘At the Airport’ just had to be our entry. Kiaan was all of two years when he took his first 2.5 hour flight journey. I was to travel only with him and was extremely anxious on how to manage with an extremely active toddler. Ashaji and KBC came to our rescue in more ways than one by suggesting appropriate books to prepare the child as well as a plethora of extremely helpful tips for the journey. This board book explains the entire flight journey process step by step in an easy manner. The fun pull out slides hold the interest of the little ones. We carried this book with us and Kiaan was very excited to match the actions in the book with the real world. This book and that trip will always remain one of our most cherished memories and strengthened our bond with KBC 😍😍
There are many other books in the LITTLE WORLD series.

11.   A book that makes you giggle: Hippobottymus by Steve Smallman

We are right now completely obsessed with bottom burps!! Talking about them, detecting them, announcing that we are about to do ‘it’ or asking around the house on who plans to do ‘it’ – all these ensure endless laugh riots. This book is hilarious where all the animals are making fun music and some even contribute with bottom bubbles!! Every time we read this we just cannot stop our giggles!!

12. A book on big emotions: Marvin gets MAD by Joseph Theobald

This awesome book with bold bright illustrations helps kids understand anger and how they are perceived by others when they lose their temper. Marvin’s anger first leads him to a lot of mess but the book tells us how he is helped out of the mess as well as his anger by his friend Molly. It teaches that anger can only lead you to trouble and helps them control their big emotions. Now Kiaan himself says that I shouldn’t gets angry like Mad Marvin!!

13.   A book that was helpful in addressing an issue – Time to Tidy Up: Share the art of tidying up with your little one by Penny Tassoni

Kids love to play and create a mess and then jump onto another game. But multiple times a day clearing that mess is a mammoth task for any caregiver. And this is where this tiny book with brilliant colourful sketches comes handy. All of Penny Tassoni’s books are gems with easy to follow steps for kids as well as a bunch of tips for parents at the end. It has helped Kiaan immensely to start tidying up his toys and books post play and we soon got the other books in this series.

14. A book you love for the illustrations: Wild About Books by Judy Sierra

What would happen if one day a Librarian takes her bookmobile to the zoo? Would the animals be least bothered or would they get interested in books? Read this to find out. This is much loved and it’s difficult to state what’s best – the fun rhyming text or the stunning illustrations or the reference to well known children’s books!! A collectors book for sure!!

15. A book by an Indian author: Ira, the Little Dolphin by Shekar Dattatri 

Shekar Dattatri is a pioneering conservationist and wildlife filmmaker recognized globally whose films have helped brought about tangible changes in India’s efforts in conservation of wildlife and ecology. Having followed his work it was an absolute pleasure to find children’s books written by him. Ira the little Dolphin is about a very rare and lesser known species of Dolphin found in India. A unique feature about this book is the real photographs by the author which help readers understand the reality of these beautiful creatures, the dangers they face and how they can be protected and nurtured. It has minimal and meaningful text and is a wonderful way to sensitize young minds towards India’s rich wildlife.

16. A book that has food in the title: Oliver’s Fruit Salad by Vivian French 

A little boy Oliver keeps cribbing about how during his vacation at Grandpa’s place he saw fresh fruits that his Grandpa grows and uses. However, even after his Mum takes him to the supermarket where they buy some fruits which he hasn’t seen before, he doesn’t want to actually eat them. So the family comes together with innovative ideas to get Oliver interested in having fruits!! Kiaan loves fruits and enjoys this story a lot.

17. A book with a stuffed animal: Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

My bestie couldn’t meet Kiaan for the longest time due to covid. When we finally did she gifted him this classic. The story of a baby Llama who is put to bed by his Mama who then goes to finish her chores in the kitchen. Kiaan frowns in anxiety that Baby Llama is alone. Will he be patient or will he be unable to wait for his Mama to wind up the days work. The book came with an exact replica Mama Llama and his baby in red pajamas and jackets!! My bestie reading this to Kiaan and their instant bond over this book was magical!! Both the book and the toy remain favourites and is repeatedly read and baby Llama is hugged and put to bed almost every other night !!

18. A book about a day out with family – Harry and the dinosaurs go on holiday by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds 

Harry goes on a fun holiday to their Aunt in Australia with Mum, Sam and his team of dinosaurs all with their own passports!! This book details what all exciting outings they have in the new country to explore new places, new food or even new animals. Kiaan eagerly starts planning for his next vacation whenever we read this cool book.
Harry and the Dinosaurs is a series with many other books.

19. A book that teaches an important lesson: Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina 

This book has been around for decades and tells a classic tale of monkey-see-monkey-do in a fun way. A cap seller rests awhile under a tree and when he wakes up all his caps have been taken away by a bunch of monkeys on the tree. What follows is a humorous tale with an important lesson. The story with its unique vintage illustrations has become a treasured book of my little boy and teaches him to be patient in handling any adverse situation and think before he acts.

20. Grown up’s favourite book in the house: Press Here by Herve Tullet

This is a visually and creatively stimulating book. With bare minimum instructions the book asks you to press here and there and shake a bit and go up and go down and thereby follows few dots as they seemingly move around due to your actions!!!!! It’s a brilliant book for hand eye coordination and though we know the drill by now, we just love it each and every time.

21. A hand-me down book you are attached to: Dora’s Eggs by Julie Sykes

This is a quaint story about a Mother Hen who has laid her first batch of eggs. However as she watches the other animals on the farm with their little ones she starts feeling her plain brown eggs aren’t that great. The cute story follows the mother’s excitement and dilemma before and after she becomes a Mom. The simple colourful illustrations and a plethora of farm animals and their babies caught the attention of little Kiaan very soon.

22. A book you tore: Silly Suzy Goose by Petr Horacek.

We love books by this author and this one has been a huge favourite since very early on. The big bright illustrations are very attractive and this book lends to awesome voice modulations and actions following all that the different animals do. Kiaan absolutely loves sliding, flapping  and stretching and this must have book always guarantees unlimited fun with lots of physical activities!!

23. A book you have carried to bed and slept with: The Little Engine that could by Watty Piper

Another book which has been around for decades is about a happy little train full of toys and candies, who is on the way to deliver these to little children for Christmas. What happens when suddenly her engine breaks down? Will she be rebuked by all the mighty engines passing by or will someone actually stop to help her. Talking about an awesome lesson on how important determination and willingness is to do anything, this story has all the ingredients to make it a special one for my boy.

24. A book written in rhyme (not nursery rhymes): Mighty Moms by Joan Holub

We have always liked books by Joan Holub which are many times accompanied by soft and chubby illustrations by Joyce Wan. This one about mighty mother vehicles and their helping little babies is much loved by Kiaan. The simple rhyming text makes it loads of fun to repeat and also compare with his collection of similar toy fire trucks and garbage trucks etc.

This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

25. A book your grandparent read to you: The Grandpa Book by Todd Parr

Kiaan is extremely attached to his Grandpa and this summer their visit coincided with the book bingo challenge. This amazing book with Todd Parr’s distinctive vibrant illustrations about the different types of Grandpas seemed the perfect book for them. They are having hours of fun reading and ticking the pages if his Grandpa likes to tell him stories or take his pictures or let him try on his glasses and take him to the park !!!!! We have even pasted a book of Kiaan with his grandparents on the dedicated space.

26. A book that has food stains on it : The Cave by Rob Hodgson

We got this book when Kiaan was just a baby and he has loved it since then. The story tells about a little creature who stays inside a cave and never comes out because of a wolf waiting outside. The ending however has a funny surprise!! Even before Kiaan could understand the story fully he would follow my cues and widen his eyes in amazement or fume at the cunning wolf or giggle at the end. I loved watching my baby’s reaction and this has accompanied many a mealtime or car journey and has numerous food stains on it. It is still one of his favourites.

27. A book given to you so mom/dad could have tea in peace! Out of this World: A shiny fold-out book about space by Pat-a-Cake

Kiaan got introduced to the fascinating world of astronomy through this lovely book which folds out showing all the planets in a row. Kiaan also has a game with cut outs of the planets and would spend a lot of time playing with these two. He could recognize the planets and then match it with the cutout and place them in order. A bright happy book that also shows the various things related to the universe like rockets and satellites.

28. A book by Wonder House : Caillou-Potty Time by Joceline Sanschagrin 

While looking for a book on potty training this simple bright book by Wonder House explaining this phase seemed appropriate. Kiaan could relate very well with Caillou the small boy and his initial hesitations in using the potty seat. This book has helped him immensely and he would himself say, “I am doing just like Caillou Ma!!”

29. A book you gift often: Thukpa for All by Praba Ram & Sheela Preuitt and Shilpa Ranade

This heartwarming book is a family favourite and we have gifted it to many kids who have all loved and appreciated it. It covers so many aspects in such an endearing manner with beautiful illustrations. It reveals to the young ones a different culture with its unique geography, clothes and food habits as well as to kids with disabilities who have special skills. The book also shares a Thukpa recipe making it an added interest when the little ones help their parents in preparing this lip smacking dish. Ladakh is permanently embedded in our minds and till we can visit again with Kiaan, this book is an enchanting introduction to this magical land.

30. A book you got from kbc recommendations: Tool School by Joan Holub

This is another gem written by Joan Holub and published by Scholastic. The tools go to tool school and try to build something. Each tool tries on its own and realizes that the limited skills of each tool is not enough to complete a project. A very important lesson about cooperation is learnt so beautifully. Kiaan loves to explore this with his tiny toolbox.

This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

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