Dec 082021
Review: Sleeping Like A Baby – The Art & Science Of Gentle Baby Sleep
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Title: Sleeping Like A Baby – The Art & Science Of Gentle Baby Sleep

Authors: Himani Dalmia and Neha Bhatt 

Type: Paperback

Publisher: Penguin

Age group: For parents of children in the 0-5 years age group

How I wish I had this book when I was a first time mom struggling with my brand new baby. Every one had differing opinions on how a baby should (or in many cases, not) sleep. Some suggested a strict schedule, and some laughed at me for expecting my little one to sleep. Get him tired/feed him more/let him cry/don’t hold too much… some things I am sure all parents have heard.

I read numerous and often contradictory material often endorsed by sleep consultants. I read through the horrors of SIDS, bed sharing and through exponents of Ferber and extinction methods. 

But a lot of this advice was impractical and some (like extinction method) totally NOT for me. We started from a crib attached to bed (for ease of breast feeding) to finally bed sharing (it came naturally and instinctively). But despite the wonderful sleep for me and my little one, I always carried the guilt of probably not doing the right thing. UNTIL I read this book. I will forever be thankful to Asha for giving me an opportunity to review this one (otherwise at 3.5 years old, and settled into comfortable sleep patterns, I would not have bought it for myself). 

You, Himani and Neha, have finally unlocked the secret of peaceful sleep for baby as well as its caregiver/s. 

The book starts by explaining in detail what sleep is, sleep cycles etc. The chapters after this are conveniently divided as per age (or sleep milestones). It explains in detail what patterns to follow (including meal times) and what hours of sleep to expect, how to save naps etc. It does not cover sleep alone, but the schedules are wonderfully tied up with mealtimes, activities and even schooling. There are numerous anecdotes sprinkled through out the book too. 

The book also covers relevant topics like travel and sleep, family and sibling sleep dynamics and even solo parenting. 

My favorite is Chapter 16: Magical ritual of bedtime reading, something that has become an integral part of our sleep routine. 

I would recommend this book to every new parent. Please please do read this. Or gift it to a new parent.

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