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Review: Zayn & Zoey Who Is In The Jungle?
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Title: Zayn & Zoey – Who Is In The Jungle

Author and Publisher: Zayn & Zoey Books (CURIOUS CONCEPTS PVT LTD)

Type: Board Book

Age group: 0 – 3 years

Baby S’ First Zayn & Zoey Board Book!

Baby S, who is now 19 months old, absolutely loved this book. It is filled with cute illustrations and easy-to-read words that is just perfect to introduce jungle themed books for preschoolers.

Questioning and thought process

This book opens with a question – why do animals have 4 legs and I have only 2? And does a zebra have white stripes on black or black stripes on white? Questions allow kids to wonder, like Zayn & Zoey and help enhance their ability to question and think.

Action filled

This book is filled with action where the animals are running, creeping, they take a leap, or swing through the trees, swaying their tails and much more which allows us to enact many of them and keep it engaging.

Observatory skill

The giraffe has brown patches from head to heel, fox has a pointed nose, and wolves howling is heard till very far. Like Zayn & Zoey explore these animals in detail, it encourages little ones to observe the less usual.

Language and Illustrations

The poetic language used makes it interesting for a read aloud and the kid friendly cartoonistic illustrations are sure to remain in their minds for a long time.

To quote a few lines from the book,

It stretches the neck,

Up so high!

I wonder if the giraffe,

Can reach the sky?

He rules the pride,

But wears no crown.

The majestic lion,

With a mane that’s brown.

At the end of the day, we have been reading this book on repeat and I’m so glad Z&Z books are available for preschoolers too which makes exploring and learning a lot more fun.!

Ooh – ooh – aah – aah,

It makes a funny sound.

Swinging through the trees,

And jumping on the ground.

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