Dec 152021
Review: Zayn & Zoey: Which Season Is It?
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Title: Zayn & Zoey: Which Season is it?

Author & Publication: Zayn & Zoey Books (CURIOUS CONCEPTS PVT LTD)

Type: Board Book

Age group: 0 – 3 Years

When I received a message from Asha if I’d like to review any of the latest Zayn & Zoey books my eyes went wide and I instantly thought “Gimme!”. I asked for ‘Which Season is it?’ as Aaron, my 14 month old son, didn’t have any books on seasons.

The book describes Winter, Spring, Summer, Monsoon and Autumn. Here we see Summer, Monsoon and the naam ke vaaste (for the sake name) winter. This book helps broaden the perspective that seasons are not limited to just these 3 and then it goes on describing each one of them beautifully with onomatopoeia.

The ‘brrr’s and ‘chatter’s of winter, the ‘buzz’ of the bees in spring, the ‘slurrp’ of a tongue on an ice cream, the ‘pitter-patter’ of raindrops and the vivid colourful sans verdant description of autumn almost transports you into that lovely scene that’s beautifully illustrated (by Pink Elephink Studio LLP) in the book.

With Christmas round the corner, when Jim Reeves serenades us with “I’m dreamin’ of a whiiiite Christmas”, Zayn and Zoey come to the rescue to show Aaron what a ‘white’ Christmas truly means. Spring is described as a season to have fun with friends on the playground. Summer is perfect at the beach and in the pool. Rains invite colorful mackintoshes and gumboots to go splash in puddles and autumn is best for acorns and apples.

The blurb at the back reads

What do you wear?

What do you do?

What happens around?

Do you have a clue?

is very apt and the book delivers on that promise. Grab your copy TODAY and you won’t be disappointed!

Aaron says “Ball” for the first time and points to it!

Merry Christmas y’all!

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