Dec 252021

Review: Zayn & Zoey Who Lives On The Farm?

The book includes both male and female names of the animals and birds. It then goes on to mention what their babies are called. The various calls of them are also woven into the content along with and the produce each of the farm animals provide us with.

Dec 242021

Review: Zayn and Zoey Which Vehicle is it?

The book begins with one wheel rolling down the hill and then a clown using it as a unicycle for his performance. Each page spread adds another wheel and then provides examples for the same. This can actually be used to learn counting and adding in a simple way along with reading about different vehicles having different number of wheels.

Dec 152021

Review: Zayn & Zoey: Which Season Is It?

The ‘brrr’s and ‘chatter’s of winter, the ‘buzz’ of the bees in spring, the ‘slurrp’ of a tongue on an ice cream, the ‘pitter-patter’ of raindrops and the vivid colourful sans verdant description of autumn almost transports you into that lovely scene.

Dec 102021

Review: Zayn & Zoey – The World of Birds

Each page has rhyming text to describe the bird and its characteristics. So M now knows certain birds can’t fly, that the owl wakes up at night, that the hummingbird comes in various colors and can even fly upside down!