Dec 102021

Review: Zayn & Zoey – The World of Birds

Each page has rhyming text to describe the bird and its characteristics. So M now knows certain birds can’t fly, that the owl wakes up at night, that the hummingbird comes in various colors and can even fly upside down!

Oct 192021

Review: Counting To Diwali – A Celebration In Numbers

Counting to Diwali is a vibrant book that introduces your little one to the festival of lights – Diwali, teaching counting from 1-10 along the way. Cherry on the cake – it does so in English as well as Hindi!

Mar 102021

Review: Don’t Feed The Coos!

Doooooooon’t feed the coos is a laughter riot! Do you see coos (pigeons) lurking around everywhere around your house? Do they sneak up on you as you try to go for a peaceful walk? Do you see coo poo on every free space available, no matter how many times you clean it? This book’s for you!!

Feb 272021

Review: Are You There Little Elephant?

Usborne Little Peep-Through Books, as usual, do not disappoint. It is a wonderful wonderful series, with absolutely delightful pictures. It asks ‘are you there little elephant’ on each page as we see a new body part hidden away between the riot of colours.