Mar 102021
Review: Don’t Feed The Coos!
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Title: Don’t Feed The Coos!

Author: Jonathan Stutzman

Type: Hardbound

Age group: 1-5 years

We got the book when M was about 14 months old. Doooooooon’t feed the coos is a laughter riot! Do you see coos (pigeons) lurking around everywhere around your house? Do they sneak up on you as you try to go for a peaceful walk? Do you see coo poo on every free space available, no matter how many times you clean it? This book’s for you!!

It is about a girl who gives breadcrumbs to a coo and ends up being followed by them everywhere she goes. The story is silly and funny all at once and if you tell it right, you kiddo is sure to enjoy, no matter her age. M has the pleasure of looking at coos day and night, and an added pleasure of coming across coo poo everyday!


She could relate to a lot of things in the book, especially the poo. We laugh heartily when we list out the things coos pooped on! I know, my girl loves poo talk a bit too much!


A silly silly read that everyone can enjoy. Have fun with this one!


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