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ABC (Accepting Bingo Challenge) by N #kbcBookBingoJr
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At almost 15 months, this is our (N and mumma) entry for #kbcBookBingoJr Challenge #kbcbingojr. These books can be read to 0-3 year olds.

1. A Dino Book- Lift and Look Dinosaur: This lift the flap book by Bloomsbury is our first attempt into knowing more about dinos. The book has a simple description of one dino and a flap to be lifted to reveal it. The book is sturdy and economical too!! (Mommy is learning the correct pronunciation of all these names. Lol)

2. A lift-the-flap book- Where is Baby’s Belly Button: A Karen Katz must-have, it talks about body parts. This is very special for us because N has picked up so much from it- body parts, cat, dog, relations (Papa, Mummy, Dadu, Dadi). 

3. A fairytale- Little Mermaid Cut out book: This is one of the couple of books N had at 1.5 months. The classic story with simple illustrations. Honestly, I haven’t read it much to her because I don’t like the message it sends out and don’t plan to introduce any more “fairy tales”. Have included it in the list as Bingo asks for it.

4. A funny book- There’s a Dragon in your book: A KBC review had tempted me to get it when N was 10 months. In hurry I got a hardcover book and was reluctant to “hand it over” to her. BUT I have lost count of how many times I have read it to her, her dad, her cousins and anyone who would care to listen. A wonderful interactive book which is sure to bring smiles and giggles. The text and words are sure to engage infants too.

5. A one word title- Journey: This Caldecott Honor Book by Aaron Becker is the first part of trilogy and is followed by “Quest” and “Return”. The wordless picture book is about a girl who goes on an exquisite adventure by drawing stuff using her magical red chalk. You can let your imagination fly wide and cook up details of the story. The illustrations are beautiful. This lonely girl makes a perfect partner for age 0+

6. A book on space/ solar system- Out of this World: This is a fold-out book from Pat-a-cake and has a couple of words on solar system per page. With black background and sparkly images, it’s is ideal for age 0+ and is claimed to be a great tummy time partner. Though we got it when we outgrew tummy time, it’s still an enjoyable book. Initially N loved the fold-out part and would pick the book from one end and drag the whole thing like a train 😂😂

7. A book on good habits- The Rainbow Fish: This book is about a beautiful rainbow fish who is lonely and how she makes new friends by sharing something dear to her. Sparkly illustrations and message makes it a must-have.

8. A touch and feel book- Baby Touch Flip Flap: The flip flap part is the best attraction and learning area of the book. It is a good “first words” book too along with the touch and feel. It has bright colors, good print and sturdy pages.

9. A rhyming book- I am Thankful: A simple yet powerful book for reminding wonderful things in life of moms like me and is great on content, illustrations and gratitude introduction for kiddos.
(I had thought of including a rhyme book here for fun. BUT it would be true to rules, right?)

10. A book by an Indian author- Chuglubugloo: Some books capture your heart with the simplicity and innovative content. This is one such book. It’s everyone’s fav at home and whenever we have guest kids, it is an instant fav!!! Must, must must have for all.

11. A picture book- The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A classic book which gives you sensory inputs (board book has different width pages and holes wherein N would put her fingers and try to turn the page), introduction to numbers, days of week, life cycle along with a wonderful storyline. What more can a parent ask for? 

12. A Dr. Suess Book- Mr. Brown can Moo! Can You? : A fun book to read aloud, enact, teach, learn, sing and dance, in short- enjoy! It talks about the sounds Mr. Brown can make and asks you if you can do the same.

13. A bedtime story- Good Night Moon: Another classic book with alternate color and black-and-white pages which gives a nice sensory input. A wonderful bedtime habit of saying goodnight to stuff around you.

14. A book that was gifted to you- A Baby Cherry Cloth book: This cloth book has a lot of sensory play- touch, baby safe mirror, cutout, teether and washable too!! Great for early month’s tummy time and a travel companion!

15. An informative book- Baby Loves Green Energy: Being a Hydro Energy professional (in another lifetime) I was intrigued when I came across this book and wanted to try it for my then 13 month old. This books brought tears to my eyes by the sheer simplicity of presentation. It explains the concept of ozone layer, green house gases, what contributes to it and how we can contribute to lower it. Recommended age is 1+. I am eager to try other books from the series “Baby Loves Science”. 

16. A book on any Festival- Festivals of India: This book came into our little library as mumma wanted N to know about Festivals, duh! It’s a cute thing with 2 line rhyming description of 10 Indian festival ranging from the very popular Holi, Diwali to less commonly known Navroz. It would be good book to talk about throughout the year!

17. A sea creatures book- Ocean Life (Hello, World): Hello, World series is a wonderful way to introduce a variety of concepts to kiddos. Our first one is sea creatures book with wonderful illustrations and a couple of lines of descriptions. It’s a perfect introductory book at one year of age and makes a base to gauge the kid’s interest.

18. A book by your favourite illustrator- Counting Kisses: A sweet book by Karen Katz which starts with “My tired little baby, do you need a kiss?” Of course everyone wants kisses! Then it counts kisses on various body parts of baby by family and pets. It ends with the tired baby sleeping peacefully, so its a wonderful bedtime read. We love it very much as it has resulted in surprise kisses by N 😁

19. A book on Shapes/ colors/ numbers- Touch and feel Playbook (Eric Carle): This gem of a book is by Eric Carle. It’s like Mr. Carle was making a list of requirements from parents:
Colors- check; Numbers- check; Animals- check; Animal sounds- check; Shapes- check; First words- check; Reference to Hungry Caterpillar- check; Oh, you want touch and feel- check; Lift the flap- check; Cut-out- check; What, you say all of these in one book- check 

20. A book on transport vehicles- Seek and Find Vehicles: An engaging, entertaining and educational book on vehicles under the tabs – water, air, machines, street and city. Small cues are included on each page to prompt searching for that vehicle.

Here is the entire Seek and Find series

21. A monster book- There’s a Monster in Your Book: Another from the series! It’s a very interactive book where you can get maximum participation from the kiddo with minimum efforts as the book “talks” to you! With this kind of involvement and laughter, it makes a very safe gift or introductory book for non-reading kiddo.

22. A Boynton Board book- Dinosnores: A cute book describing bedtime routine of dinosaurs; something that I want to establish with N. The book isn’t wordy and became an instant hit with N.

23. A book with a quirky cover- Under the Sea: When I got the book I had hoped for an introduction to sea life but the book talks about the process of diving (kid-friendly) with push, pull, and slide activities. I was frankly disappointed and had thought of returning it. But N loved the sliding motions and was pointing to different things. In absence of the names, I had to resort to yellow fish, blue fish. This made her happy and in turn momma happy. It’s now a frequently visited book for us! Go for push, pull and slide action.

24. A book on mythology- Pop-up Hanuman: The story is summary of life of Lord Hanuman with pop-up on each page. This is the “ba ba” book of N. I feel the text is good for slightly older kids. At N’s age only attraction is the pop-ups. Would recommend it for 3+ for text.

25. A sound book- Peppa Pig: Stomp and Roar: This book chronicles the visit of Peppa and friends to a Dinosaur Park along with sound buttons. A fun book to read and is a good engagement activity for N. It gives me upto 10 mins breather time, are you listening parents? 

26. A book that has sibling- Peppa and Friends Magnet Book: Another Peppa book which doubles as an engagement activity. The magnet fascinates N. This book gives scenarios, asks the kids to think of characters in the scene and make up their own stories, thus promotes solo play and imagination building.

27. A book that teaches you a lesson- Panchatantra: This was N’s first book at 1.5 months of age and hence is very dear to me. The stories are short, lessons are invaluable, colorful pictures captures interest. Multiple stories makes it a good travel companion.

28. A yellow colored book- Oi Frog!: Vibrant illustrations, repetitive phrases, rhyming words, funny rules makes it an engaging book about where different animals sit.

29. A book about animals/ birds- Roar, Roar Baby!: In this book, Ms. Katz takes us on a trip to zoo where the little one is searching for a baby tiger and finds different animals (with their sounds) on the way by lifting the flaps. A well loved book at our place.

30. A book with magic- Freddie and the Fairy: Our first JD book where a kid Freddie asks the Fairy for wishes but the fairy doesn’t hear well. When things becomes messy, Fairy Queen sets out some rules. These rules would be helpful in getting the kids understand the basics of communication.

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