Dec 152021

Review: Zayn & Zoey: Which Season Is It?

The ‘brrr’s and ‘chatter’s of winter, the ‘buzz’ of the bees in spring, the ‘slurrp’ of a tongue on an ice cream, the ‘pitter-patter’ of raindrops and the vivid colourful sans verdant description of autumn almost transports you into that lovely scene.

Dec 102021

Review: Zayn & Zoey – The World of Birds

Each page has rhyming text to describe the bird and its characteristics. So M now knows certain birds can’t fly, that the owl wakes up at night, that the hummingbird comes in various colors and can even fly upside down!

Oct 052021

Review: My First Animal Families Book

The book introduces the animals along with their baby animals and their siblings and grand parents and aunts and uncles in the most unique way. The book uses Indian kinship names to introduce the family of animals.