Apr 142021
Review: The Germ Academy
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Title: The Germ Academy

Author: ​ Rea Malhotra Mukhtyar​

Illustrator: ​Shahena Zaveri​

Publisher:​ Harper Collins​

Type: Paperback

Age group: 3+​ years

As a toddler parent, I’ve struggled with explaining the Covid-19 pandemic to my 4 year old. Why does he have to be locked up inside the house? Why does he have to wear a mask? Why does he have to keep washing his hands? You obviously cannot tell a toddler that there is a mysterious virus out there, and that all the doctors in the world are struggling to contain its impacts. The book ‘The Germ Academy’ has cleverly explained the phenomenon from the perspective of a child.  ​

Who doesn’t love a nice monster book? And when the monster is the one who has kept you locked inside the house for the past year, the book becomes ​even ​more interesting. ‘The Germ Academy’ is all about Covie, the biggest and baddest germ, whose mission is to infect every human. He seems to be excelling in his mission​​ till the soap squad confront him.​ 

​​The story starts with all the germs of the world being enrolled in a university and training to be the scariest and strongest – the class includes some of the most well known germ monsters like H1N1, Ebola, dengue, etc. In 2020, Covie proves to be the strongest germ and is assigned the mission of spreading global infections.​

Overall, this is a brilliant book​ and is also one of the largest books that I’ve seen with amazing paper quality. ​It has breathtaking illustrations that encourage kids to wash their hands, and maintain cleanliness always. Kids will love the monster illustrations​ and gain a good understanding of the monster we face​. ​My 4 year old was oohing and aahing at every page​, and was completely engaged in the story​. ​

Even adults ​will love the book with incredible detail within the illustrations and special references to ​Mission ​Impossible and Elton John​!​ ​The only con to the book is that ever since we have read it, my son insists on taking one hour long baths because he has to fight Covie with the soap squad very diligently, on every inch of his body!​

If you enjoyed reading this review and want to fight Covie at your house as well, you can buy the book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link),



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