Jul 012021
Review: A Pinch of Magic
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Title: A Pinch of Magic

Author: Asha Nehemiah

Illustrated by: Priyankar Gupta

Publisher: Duckbill!

Type: Paperback

Age group: 7-9 years

I am posting this review on behalf of my 8 year old son.

Hi. I am Prayaan and I am elated to write a review on this very Human book “A Pinch of Magic”.

I call it Human, because it is very Human in its heart, displaying a variety of emotions that every individual experiences in life, be it love, family bonding,  care, respect, resent, guilt, worry or stress. It feels like all emotions are tuned into one story – the story of a student’s reunion with her teacher, after a tiring and long search.

The story begins with a very usual family setup, a dad in pain, a daughter wanting to help him, and eventually takes us to the core, the student who desperately searches for her Master.

Aunt Mallu, a herbal medicine specialist, leaves no stone unturned to hunt for her long lost teacher who once resided in the forest of Harrabharrapazham. Here’s where we also get a social message, showing the repercussions of deforestation. The story finally ends with the reunion and the promise to never part again.

The little girl Veena’s presence of mind is clearly visible in how she manages to solve the mystery of a wooden box precious to the teacher. Overall,  it is a good read with some sweet lessons of help, care, love and respect to take home.

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