Jun 032023
Wet Paint – Do Not Touch!! [Review]
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Book Name: Wet Paint (Hook Book)
Written By: Asha Nehemiah
Illustrated By: Chetan Sharma
Cover Design By: Isha Nagar
Publisher: Duckbill Books (an imprint of Penguin Random House India)
Type: Paperback
No. of Pages: 40 pages
Recommended age: 5-7 years

The review of this book is based on my discussion with my 6-year-old Adu (Advit) who loved this book and was very excited to get his own review copy like his elder brother.

What happens when your tiny town is about to get a new hospital? And when that hospital is about to get a fancy mural, the spirits are surely high in the town.

Paru lives in this small town with her family and her father, Sevana, who is the best mason in town. He can create any pattern and design on the new buildings but this time all he is required to do is leave the wall very smooth just like glass. After all, Dr. Nesamani has called her nephew Aman, all the way to create a fancy mural for the brand new hospital she is building for the town. Paru took it upon herself to keep the wall safe. She created a beautiful board saying, “Do Not Touch-Wet Paint” and fixed it on a stick to keep the wall shiny and smooth just the way Aman would want it.

But will this board and few sticks be enough to keep the curious people of the town away? Will Aman get the perfect canvas to make the dream mural of Dr. Nesamanai with doctors, shiny stethoscopes, syringes, microscopes and all? Healthcare for every person is what she dreamt for her town. Do you think the cheer of curious crowd will save the day? Would Aman, Paru and Sevana be able to give the town the perfect mural for their new hospital? Would Dr. Nesamani be happy and satisfied?

Adu says you have to read this book to find answers to all these questions and to also solve the mystery of the missing board that Paru had made. Yes, that had gone missing among the chaos that followed in the story!

Asha Nehemiah has beautifully woven the story for the little ones to enjoy. Simple language, big font and lovely illustrations by Chetan Sharma will surely make the kids fall in love with this book. The story is hilarious in a way and also teaches how one should try to find a way when stuck in some sticky situation. How with a little thought and teamwork one can find a solution to every problem at hand.

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Disclaimer: Achira and her sons are part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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