Nov 072023
Review: Room Of Many
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Book Title: Room Of Many
Author: Priyanka Agarwal Mehta
Publisher: Sam & Mi
Type: Paperback
Pages: 28
Recommended Age: 3-6 years

Morning scenes… a sad baby… a book that helped… and a book review!!

For the past one and a half months our lives have been kind of a roller coaster. My Dad went back to our hometown, I was/am running a work deadline marathon, a short visit from my brother and sister-in-law, travels, Emma falling sick, and what not.

The two events that struck Emma the most were her Nanu’s (my dad) going back to our hometown, and her dearest mama-mami (my brother and his wife) going back too after a quick short visit.

As she is growing up, she is understanding the concept of family, attachment, arrivals and departures.

Every time when someone who stayed would leave, she would go to their room a couple of times looking for them only to be disheartened, and that made her understand the concept of visiting.

At the perfect timing, we got our book to review “Room Of Many“, along with a handwritten note. I am sure everyone knows how a handwritten note is so special, a personal touch to the experience.

The book is about the room, that mostly never has a permanent resident. The Guest Room! The room that belongs to many! The room that turns home for different kinds of people, diverse qualities, varying interests, many relationships. The process followed pre-arrival of guests. How we care for their comfort, and likings. How those guests make us feel, and how we enjoy their company, and how the room looks without anyone visiting.

There is so much these little wonders can learn about guests and guest room from this book. For Emma it became an emotional cushion to the blow of her dear ones visiting and leaving soon. She understood that mostly they are temporary residents, like we are one when we visit our families outstation.

Tons of thanks to the author for such an amazing topic. Grateful forever!

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