Dec 242018
Review: The Gruffalo’s Child
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The Gruffalo’s Child

Author: Julia Donaldson

Soft book

Ages 2/3-7 years

“Mumma, I am the Gruffalo’s Child!”

My five year old boy and I are total Julia fans. And we would never miss out on reading this one. The Gruffalo’s Child is not just a story book but is also a successfully run theater show for children. This book is the fun sequel that continues the story of the Gruffalo. My five year old was super excited to read it because he just loved the Gruffalo story book. He called himself the Gruffalo’s child and said it was his story.

I love the book because it gives me an excellent example to teach my son to always listen to his parents. Children will be children. They do the exact opposite of what they are told, right? So, when the Gruffalo tells his child not to go out to find the horrifying mouse what does the Gruffalo’s child do? He goes off on an adventure to hunt the mouse.

And just like a paranoid mom I never miss the chance to tell my boy “See what happens when you don’t listen to your parents.”

After meeting the snake, owl, fox and then finally the small yet extremely clever mouse, the Gruffalo’s child returns home safe to his father, the Gruffalo.

This was when my boy also gave me a tight hug. “I’m the Gruffalo’s child, momma.”  

The icing on the cake for this book has to be the beautiful illustrations. My boy loves the Christmas feel with all the winter snow. For me the icing is of course Julia’s lovely lesson of how a small mouse can use his intelligence to outsmart a big Gruffalo. This I feel is so important to teach children who are just like little mice 🙂

“Size doesn’t matter. It’s your brain that counts.” I reminded him after we read the story together.

Other books we both have purchased and read to our child are The Gruffalo (read review here), The Smartest Giant, The Room on the Broom (read review here) and The Snail and the Whale. In fact, we bought the entire Julia Donaldson book bundle. Worth every rupee. All these books we can read over and over again and not get bored at all.  

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