Apr 302019
Review: The Way Back Home
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Pic cred: Payal

Book: The Way Back Home

Author: Oliver Jeffers

Ages: 1-5 years

Type: Board book/Hardcover/Paperback

“Once there was a boy who one day found himself stuck on the moon and he was not alone…”

The story is about a little boy who one day finds an aeroplane in his cupboard and then the adventure begins…!

He reaches the moon and forgets the way back home.Will he find the way back home? Was he alone on the moon? Who will come to his rescue?

The story is written in easy to understand (by toddlers) English. The book has large colourful captivating images that most children will love.

The book leaves a beautiful message at the end – Wherever you are, there is always a way to do things right (or to go back home) provided you strive for it without being scared.

My son Praagvansh loves to read Oliver Jeffers. Not only are his books colourful and full of pictures, they are easy to read and understand. His stories are about a mischievous boy and his adventures with aeroplanes and other gadgets related to space.

Praagvansh loves to read them so much that he ended up copying his entire book “how to catch a star” and animations into his art file.

Praagvansh’s artwork of a page from The Way Back Home!

Every child must have at least one Oliver Jeffers book in his/her collection. To name a few, Once there was a boy, Lost And Found (read review here), How to catch a starThe way back homeUp and Down.

THE BOXSET OF FOUR CALLED ONCE THERE WAS A BOY SERIES is very popular as it works out economical!

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Reader Comments

  1. dear astha, i love how you are raising a reader! praagvansh is very very talented (knock wood) and my wish is for him to become an award winning children’s author-illustrator just like Oliver Jeffers!!
    pls encourage his artistic talent. he will go far! here’s more power to your reading, writing and art!!!

  2. @asha choudhary definitely this book got a lot of interest in my baby who is 23 month old , oliver jeffers books are really having an ulitmate story about the kid . very beautiful book n lovely story yes my next purchase is going to be lost and found . im reading for my baby wen she grows il make her read by herself.
    Thanks dear for recomending for proper age perfect book .


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