Dec 292021
Review: Zayn & Zoey Encounter Honey Bees
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Title: Zayn & Zoey Encounter Honey Bees

Author & Publication: Zayn & Zoey Books [Curious Concepts Pvt. Ltd]

Type: Paperback

Age group: 3/4-8 years

Zayn & Zoey, sweet brother and sister twins are visiting Grandma’s farm and playing outside. Suddenly Zayn rushes inside with pain in his voice as he got stung by a honey bee.
What follows next is an interesting conversation between grandma and kids who starts enlightening the kids about various bee facts in the midst of cleaning, wiping and comforting Zayn’s swollen finger.

This attractive book is full of beautiful illustrations which keeps kids engrossed along with some mind-blowing facts which I am sure even adults are not aware of – Just like, is it a beehive or a bee nest? Why are the cells of hive Hexagonal in shape, etc.

Just like Zayn and Zoey got curious to know more about honeybees, my kid too got hooked and completely engrossed to know more about these little creatures.

Apart from information about Honey bees, this book also touches upon a few other types of bees and life-cycle of a honey bee.
And if this was not enough towards the end there are set of activities which kids can do to enjoy and cement their learning.

We did a colorful activity of making beehive with sponge and making bees with thumb impressions dipped in yellow paint. My kid enjoyed doing this.

We thoroughly enjoyed the book, hope you also do so!!

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