Jun 072022

Review: My Act Of Heart

The book not only consists of mere words, but magical ones in the form of 29 true stories, written by children from across the world like India, Singapore, Jordan, Pakistan, Germany, USA and Australia.

Jan 292022

Review: The Clockwala’s Clues

It’s time for summer vacations, ice-creams and fun! Sheba’s parents want her to go to a summer camp her school has organized as her father thinks she needs a lesson on time management.

Dec 292021

Review: Zayn & Zoey Encounter Honey Bees

Zayn gets stung by a honey bee. What follows is an interesting conversation between grandma and kids about various bee facts in the midst of cleaning, wiping and comforting Zayn’s swollen finger.

Apr 302021

I am posting this on behalf of my 9.5 yr old daughter, Shranya Goel who discovered her love for reading during lockdown last year and her interest got a boost when we discovered the awesome fb group Kids Book Café, whose members are not only avid readers but warm enough to share their lovely recommendations.