Apr 292019
Review: Lost and Found
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Book: Lost and found

Author: Oliver Jeffers

Type: Paperback

Age: 3-5 years

This is a lovely book, about a little boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep one day. He thinks it’s lost so he tries all possible ways to get it home. When he realizes that home is the South Pole, he sets off on an adventure with the penguin in his rowboat.

But once they get there, he realizes that the penguin was looking for more than just a home!!

It’s a heart warming story, just like the other Oliver Jeffers books about the little boy. The little boy’s imagination, his independence, innocence and helpful nature are so well conveyed through the short narrative and illustrations.

The pictures are self descriptive and beautifully done.

We have the set of four books: Once there was a boy, Lost And Found, How to catch a star, The way back home, Up and Down.

They all have amazing themes and tell stories about a little boy who has a superb imagination, a kind heart who befriends a penguin. He flies planes, rows boats and much more cute stuff!

The books will surely make you emotional.

My son’s favorite is Lost and Found, and it is one of our bedtime regulars.
Hope you enjoy it as much!!

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  1. payal, i truly admire how you have made both your kids early readers. your selection of books is so inspiring! despite being a working, hands-on mom, you make time every night for bedtime reading is truly commendable. may every parent be inspired by you. here’s to raising readers together!
    ps: after reading your review i want to go to the kids library and read all of oliver jeffers books!


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