Feb 142019
Review: The Smartest Giant in Town
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Book: The Smartest Giant in Town

Author: Julia Donaldson

Soft book

Ages: 3-8 years

Yes, Julia and Axel are a match made in heaven when it comes to story writing. Julia is mind blowing at the art of capturing the child’s imagination and educating them with a valuable moral lesson. Her books are everything that a mom can want. My five year old son and I have read almost ten of her books. Those books are our prized collection.

The Smartest Giant in Town is also one of our favorites. I love it so much that I chose this book to read to my son’s class in school. It wasn’t just me. It was his entire class and classroom teacher that loved the book. The pictures are colorful and beautifully captures the story. I have the big soft cover book so it is makes reading more enjoyable. We open the big book in our laps and read on.

The story is about a scruffy giant who dresses shabbily and wears sandals. He buys himself an entirely new wardrobe and now declares himself the smartest giant in town. But as he heads back home he encounters a cold giraffe to whom he gives his brand new necktie. Further on he meets a goat who needs a new sail, a family of mice who need a new home, a fox who needs a dry sleeping bag and finally a dog who needs to cross a muddy bog. To each of these animals he gives one of his new pieces of clothing. He is left with just his pants. He returns to the shop only to find it closed. The poor giant discovers his old clothes and feeling dejected he returns home. To his surprise all the animals he has helped are waiting for him with a token of gratitude and a title as the kindest giant in town.

The mother in me is so happy after reading this book to my five year old son. What a beautiful example of kindness and also being comfortable just the way you are.

Other great books by Julia are The Gruffalo (read review here) and The Paper Dolls (read review here).

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