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Review: The Paper Dolls
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Book: The paper dolls

Author: Julia Donaldson

Soft book/board book

Ages: 2-6 years

Special childhood moments spun in a beautiful tale

Julia Donaldson never disappoints when it comes to creating an entertaining story with meaning. Each and every one of her story books can be read over and over again. We just had to purchase the entire set of her books. We are proud owners of a total of 8 Julia Donaldson story books.

The Paper Dolls is a story which actually appealed to my five year old boy. That was a surprise for me. He usually likes dinosaurs and now at this age clearly defines and stays away from things that are ‘girly.’ He liked when the girl and her mother make paper dolls and how all of them stay together despite of imaginative dangers. My boy would sing along the catchy repeat verses. This is how we made the story a bit fun and musical. We sang the repeated lines together in our own made up tune.

In the story a boy cuts the paper dolls with his scissors. My boy says,

“Not nice. But look they are still together.”

I explained “Yes, they are safe in her memory.”

For me the meaning of the story is more philosophical. The circle of life completes itself when the young girl one day plays with her paper dolls and then grows up to help her own daughter make paper dolls.  

After we read the story, my five year old came up with an idea.

“Let’s make our own paper dolls, mumma.”

And we did. It was a lot of fun because when I was a young girl I too had made a few paper dolls which to be honest I remembered only after reading this story.

It is an easy to read and easy to understand book with very soft illustrations to patch the story.

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