Oct 062023
October Fest at KBC is always a Book Fest!
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Every month we curate all the books ordered and recommended by our kbc members! That’s the fun of peer-to-peer recommending!

pc: Amardeep

Colour With Gratitude – Colouring Book with Gratitude Affirmations for Kids by The Journal Lab for 4/5 years+ (64 pages) has been highly highly highly recommended by Amardeep – she has shared a detailed review and inside pages here in the fb group. In her words,

Colour With Gratitude makes journalling fun for kids, even if they don’t like to write much. The book lets them think of the one thing they are thankful for that day, and has several beautiful and joyous pages to colour in, along with affirmations and a kindness bingo!

inside page of Colour With Gratitude

There are lots of journals from The Journal Lab.

Dance With The Elves (Usborne Sound Books)

Ocean Fingerprint Art Activity Book with Thumbprint Gadget

Ammas Work From Home Buddy board book by Pooja Sriram Belur (an engaging indian book to help WFH mothers and young children cope with the challenges they face).

Snip Snap for 2-4 years by Ben Newman the author of My first book of Everything series

All the Things You Will Do by Lucy Rowland for 2-6 years (32 pages). We are fans of this author’s books especially Dracula Spectacular. Wanda’s Words Got Stuck is another book by this author.

Together We Can! by Caryl Hart. This book has been recommended by many of our members who got it from Scholastic. It’s an awesome book to celebrate friendship and the importance of togetherness.

The Lost Leopard 

My Heart Is a Compass for 4-8 years (40 pages)

Barkus: Book 1 for 6-9 years (56 pages)
Barkus Dog Dreams

Llama Destroys the World (40 pages)

One Hundred Steps: The Story of Captain Sir Tom Moore for 3-7 years (32 pages)

Pretzel And The Puppies: Construction Pups: 2 (I Can Read Level 1) for 4-8 years (32 pages)

Cappy and the Whale (A BOOK FROM UKRAINE) for 6 years+ (64 pages)

Let’s Do This Together: Math Stories to Solve by Lubaina Bandukwala for 5-7 years (112 pages)

Books on Feelings/Big Emotions/Behaviour:

THE STOMPYSAURUS (DinoFeelings) by Rachel Bright. There are other books in this Dino Feelings – available in both paperback and board book. THE WORRYSAURUS , THE HUGASAURUS , The Wobblysaurus are some. All of Rachel Bright’s books are must must haves!

Mina and the Big Bite: a practical picture book to encourage toddlers to stop biting (Monster Town) for 2-5 years
Jack and the Giant Tantrum: Little monsters, big problems (Monster Town) for 2-5 years

The Bad Mood and the Stick for 2-8 years by Lemony Snicket [the author of the bestseller A Series of Unfortunate Events] (48 pages)

Harold the Iceberg Melts Down: 1 (Harold the Iceberg, 1) for 3-6 years (40 pages)

I Feel… Something (56 pages)

THE RED TREE by internationally acclaimed Shaun Tan for 7-9 years (32 pages).


Animal Jam – Nat Geo for 5-10 years (272 pages)

Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor series by Lucy Brandt for 5-7/8 years (208 pages)

The Data Set series by Ada Hopper for 5-9 years

GALAXY ZACK01 HELLO NEBULON for 5-9 years (128 pages). Galaxy Zack is a series with quite a few other books.

Mystery Of The Suspicious Spices (Greetings From Somewhere Vol. 6) (128 pages). This series has many other exciting books and a bookset as well! Neil is reading this.

Alien in my Pocket series for 6-10 years (160 pages). Neil is reading this.

The Secret Explorers and the Lost Whales for 7-9 years (128 pages). There is an entire The Secret Explorer series that Neil is reading right now.

Bad Kitty Books for 7-10 years. Sharadhi’s Stavya has them and they have shared inside pages here. In her words: “My 7 year old has been obsessed with this lately… So I had to read one to try… It was great because

1) vocabulary: it had tough words which she wrote down and found meaning to like pulchritude, accursed exquisite, grandeur, despicable,miniscule etc
2) The story is fast and fun and has some good morals. We discussed how the kitty handled it when the dog said he didn’t like cats? What changed the feelings later… And many more scenarios.
3) Beautiful illustrations
4) Fun facts with loads of interesting info”

Animals Behaving Badly by Nicola Davies for 7 years+ (112 pages)

Meera Mukherjee: Breaking Moulds by Vaishali Shroff for 8 years+ (84 pages) Quoting Mandira

When I got the book, I was blown. The way the book is crafted, it just mesmerises you. The book is one of the series by Art1st publications and gives insight into the life and work of Meera Mukherjee, the artist and sculptor. Vaishali’s words paint a picture as beautiful as the sketches, using imagery and metaphors that makes the pictures come alive and glow — like fluttering fireflies. The second half of the book is about art appreciation, asking thought provoking questions, nudging the reader to look beyond the surface and if we really want to do art, prod at us to break moulds. Just like Meera did.

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic for 8 years+ (192 pages)

DIARY OF A MINECRAFT ZOMBIE BOOKS (this is a series) for 8-12 years


Big by Vashti Harrison for 3-7 years (40 pages) Vashti Harrison is the author of Little Dreamers series and the acclaimed Hair Love.

A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You (Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2021) for 8-11 years (128 pages). There are other books in this series.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy: A Child’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety by Poppy O’Neill for 7-11 years (144 pages). There are many other self help books by this author to overcome various issues in the form of children’s guides.



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