Sep 262023
The Letter To Lahore – Even the smallest person can change the course of the future!
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Title: The Letter to Lahore (Songs Of Freedom series)
Author: Tanu Shree Singh 
Publisher: Duckbill- An imprint of Penguin Random House
Type: Paperback
Pages: 216
Age Group: 7 years+ (publisher’s recommendation is 10 years+)

[I’m sharing this review written by my 11 year old son, Namit.]

Luxmi has never thought much about the prospect of Indian independence. She and her twin, Bhola live in a small village with their Nani and her cousins. She has enough to do around the house. But Dak Chacha’s visit to the house gets her thinking.

Dak Chacha tells the children about the unfair way the British have been treating their country, and how he is working towards freedom. It is dangerous work. He soon gets worried when the police come knocking, looking for a “questionable document”. Chacha tells them this is an article to be published in an anti-British newspaper—and he is carrying it. The article will be vital in spreading the word of Indian independence, and crucial in the freedom fight. It should be delivered to Lahore as soon as possible.

While Luxmi is eager to help, she is turned down by Chacha on account of the work being too risky. However, when Dak Chacha goes into hiding, the kids must undergo this perilous task. Lahore is days away, and the path is filled with police checkpoints, forests, and leopards. How will they make it alone? Will they be caught? Will the letter be delivered? Read The Letter to Lahore to find out! 

This book is great for people wanting to learn more about the freedom fight. It shows how the most commonplace of people were involved, and how crucial they were. Combined with a touch of suspense and a pinch of humor, The Letter to Lahore is a must read. 

This book is a part of Duckbill’s “Songs of Freedom” series which explores the lives of children across India during the struggle for independence. You can read the reviews of The Chowpatty Cooking Club , That Year at Manikoil , A Conspiracy in Calcutta , The Train to Tanjore and Postcard From The Lushai Brigade on this website. You can also explore the other newly released books in the Songs of Freedom series here.

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