Apr 172021
Review: Satyajit Ray In 100 Anecdotes: A Collector’s Edition
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Title: Satyajit Ray In 100 Anecdotes: A Collector’s Edition

Authors: Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy

Type: Hardbound

Age group: 9+ years

Published by Penguin Books, Penguin Random House India

Satyajit Ray towers tall among Indian film makers. Finally, a cute book (both in size and concept), that demystifies this genius through anecdotes, some little known secrets and some well known ones, which are already in the public realm. 

The book is a delightful collector’s item, both for children and adults. It’s an easy, memorable read and I adopted my favourite technique: read any one page at a time. You really don’t need to worry which page you are on, as each page is a story in itself. I actually read the book backwards, just for fun. 

48 is my favourite!

Do we need to know Satyajit Ray the filmmaker, art and music connoisseur, to understand this book? This question was in my mind, when I started reading this book. Truth be told, the book serves as an introduction for the uninitiated. And as a treasured Bible, for those who already know their Ray.

The cover of the book is an outstanding work of art. The research and storytelling by Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy are exceptional, as always.  

In the end, close your eyes, and picturise a genius – 6 feet 5 inches tall, a painter and graphic designer, an adman, a photographer extraordinaire, a piano player, Western and Indian classical music lover, and a magician, who left a cinematic legacy. 

To sum up, a great book about the man who according to Kurosawa, was “A great tree in the woods of India”.

Since this Collector’s Edition is a celebration of Satyajit Ray’s 100th Birth Anniversary, it makes the perfect gift. In fact, I can see the wife ordering a few copies as I type this…

Added by Asha: There are some other books in the 100 Anecdotes series.

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