Mar 282020
Sigh of life
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I peeped out of my window pane

And saw two young lads in the cold who lay 

Bony, frail and sickened frames,

Writhing with hot fever, living on shallow breath.

I sat back with a deep sigh

Those pitless eyes fixated in my inward eye

I watched routed Mankind slip into Death’s full hands

Graves strewn with broken, uncared tears.

Passing souls fluttered in the realms of disease 

People’s dying breaths seized the ailing breeze

Looking out again, I stared into their hollow eyes

Voids of dying love and accursed dreams.

I wept and wept at the bitter sight

Of rays of hope melt into the piling snow

Of Youth and Bloom dying by Pneumonia’s door

I finally, in the muddle of my tears, 

gave in to my body’s aching cold

                                         – Rehaan 

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