Mar 282020

Sigh of life

I peeped out of my window pane And saw two young lads in the cold who lay  Bony, frail and sickened frames, Writhing with hot fever, living on shallow breath. I sat back with a…Continue Reading

Mar 282020


Ensnared in this wreath of fear, lies a breathless me Lost in a labyrinth of Fear’s artful creativity  Behind this barricade lies my anxious heart As again the tendrils of Fear, drag me into its…Continue Reading

Mar 272020

Corona State Of Mind

A state of dilemma, Eternal confusion, A jungle of thoughts, An imprisoned illusion, Boiling cauldron, Filled with guilt, Afraid of everything, Forcing dreams to tilt, Images flashing, Inside your head, Splitting pain, Sinking into your…Continue Reading

Feb 122020

Super Hope #kbcSuperpower

Super Hope When I was a little girl Bright cheeked and shiny eyed Often on lazy evenings My imagination would flight I wished I could soar Like a bird high in the sky Leaving the…Continue Reading