Feb 122020
Super Hope #kbcSuperpower
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Super Hope

When I was a little girl

Bright cheeked and shiny eyed

Often on lazy evenings

My imagination would flight

I wished I could soar

Like a bird high in the sky

Leaving the bonds of this earth

Above the clouds I would fly

Sometimes I would wish for

The ability to not be seen

Being invisible would let me do

Things nice, naughty and in between

At times I would wish to have

Powers like Hulk or Superman

At times I would like to travel

In a rocket like a spaceman

My fantasies would grow each day

With thoughts of taming time

I wanted to be omniscient

Unravel secrets unknown to mankind

That little girl grew up too soon,

Big dreams lost in the daily grind

Her priorities changed, for imagination

Little time she could find.

The little girl blossomed into a woman,

And a mother to a little baby too

She started dreaming again,

This time about what her baby would do

The baby grew up into a little boy

He wanted to be a bird, a whale, a butterfly!

She would smile knowingly at his words,

Always encouraging him to try

Each night as he lay in his bed

Peaceful, engrossed in his dreams,

She knew that he could be anything he wished

As long as he had hope.

Hope is a flickering ember,

That can turn into a fire

You can turn a maybe to a yes,

If you truly desire

Hope can tide you through the dark;

Make life a kaleidoscope

Anything is possible..

You only need to HOPE.               

This poem is my entry to the #kbcSuperpowerContest .

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