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Must Have Books On Dads! (0-13 years)
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Books featuring moms are very common. But since we are an Equal Parenting community that believes Dads play an important role in the entire journey, not just reading journey and that they deserve to be celebrated (not just on Father’s Day) – we all curated this heartwarming list of Books on Dads!

0 – 3 years

Guess How Much I Love You Quoting Kiruthika (Kavin’s mom) “This book was not an instant  hit with my toddler. It might be because the images did not attract him much. But slowly he started to like this book. It’s about how little nut brown hare wants to make sure that he loves his father so much and tries so many ways to express it. But it’s very difficult to measure love! Perfect for bedtime reading. “

Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz. There is also Mommy Hugs!
DADDY AND ME is also by Karen Katz.

Peppa Pig: My Daddy

Besos For Baby (Spanish and English book)
Peck Peck Peck by Lucy Cousins
YOUR BABYS 1ST WORD WILL BE DADA by Jimmy Fallon (board book)
The Dinosaur that Pooped Daddy!: A Counting Book (board book) – 18 pages

My Dad Is Brilliant
Daddy Is My Hero

My Dad by Anthony Browne
Why I Love My Daddy

I Love You, Little Monster (0-5 years)
I Love You More than Plunder (1-6 years)
Peter Rabbit: I Love You Daddy (1-5 years)
Amazing Daddy (1-5 years)

My Dad Is the Best Playground
I Love You, Daddy: Full of Love and Hugs! 

The Dad With 10 Children (2-5 years)
The Dad With 10 Children: A Day At the Museum (2-5 years)

Abba’s Day (2-8 years). Mona has this: “It’s a typical Sunday of a family of 3 with working parents.”

Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad (board book for 0-3 years). Neha Roy Chowdhury has this book and recommends it:

This is a beautiful story about the dad and his kid. It’s a big shout out to all the dads who work so hard to keep their kid safe. It shows how parents let the kids follow their dreams but always be there when they need them. The story is beautifully written with cute visuals. My 2.5 year son loves to read it daily.

Ladybug Girl and Her Papa (board book 12 pages)

3 – 6 years

Giggi and Daddy (3-7 years)

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Asha is in love with this book!

“This fun book by Richa Jha, published by Pickle Yolk Books is a must must have and makes the perfect Father’s Day Gift. It shares the Dad’s perspective, his imaginary perspective which shows brilliance in the author’s creativity, for every hands-on dad wishes to do everything in the parenting journey. It’s a fun and funny, it has it’s awwww emotional moments and it brings a huge smile on the reader’s face. If you’re looking for a feel good book on Dads for Dads – this would be my first choice. “

Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter)

HIKE by Pete Oswald (a wordless adventure about a dad and daughter going on a hike together)

Jabari Jumps for 3-5 years. Sowmya reminded us to add this wonderful book in this curated listicle. This book was first recommended by Priyanka in the group. She has shared one of her legendary read alouds here in the fb group. Quoting her: “Here comes a book with a beautiful story, to boost up confidence and help unleash the courage that our children might need time and again. The narrative is simple, the Redwoods illustrations, beautiful and the message, powerful.”

Spot Loves His Dad

What’s for Lunch, Papa Penguin? This book is by Scholastic so it can be ordered via our kbc Scholastic affiliate link as well! Simply type the name of the book in search after clicking this link.

Daddy’s Sandwich (3-5 years)

Owl Moon

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

All The Way Home 

P.C. – Priya Pathak Banerjee
P.C. – Roshna Vinod Menon
P.C. – Roshna Vinod Menon

This book has floored many of our members – both parents and children. Quoting Roshna Vinod Menon, who got this book especially for Father’s Day,

“The book is about a brave dad penguin who protects the egg while mamma penguin is away gone for fishing. An imaginative, adventurous story with some supernatural elements in it. A story about penguins at the North Pole. Lakshana is in awe of the art in this book.. well Debi Gliori illustrations are awesome as always. Can brave Daddy Penguin and his new little one get all the way home before Mummy returns? Well find it out yourself. Recommended for age 3+. Perfect gift for father’s day. “

The Gruffalo’s Child

Peppa Pig: My Daddy and Me

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too

I Love My Daddy

I Love Dad with The Very Hungry Caterpillar

My Super Dad

Interrupting Chicken series (4-7 years)

Five More Minutes

The Daddy Book

Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?

I Love You, Daddy! (Little Golden Book, 2-5 years)

Thatha’s Pumpkin (Grandad)

I Love You Daddy Grizzle by Mark Sperring

I Want My Dad! (Little Princess) by Tony Ross (32 pages for 2-5 years). There is a mum version too called I Want My Mum! (Little Princess). The Little Princess series by Tony Ross has many other interesting books!

Daddy Lion’s Tea Party (2-6 years)

Hair Love: Based on the Oscar-Winning Short Film (5-7 years)

The Berenstain Bears and the Papa’s Day Surprise (3-7 years)

Daddy, Don’t Let Go! A book on learning how to ride a cycle and watching your childoo grow up faster than you imagined! (4-8 years)

The Night Before Father’s Day

Froggy’s Day with Dad (2-5 years)

Thank You God for Daddy

I Am Perfectly Designed (40 pages) – 3-7 years. Achira has this and has shared the inside pages in her review in our fb group here. Quoting her:

This book is about the beautiful bond of a father and son. Their walk through the town is wonderfully captured in this book. A father is that figure in a child’s life who they “hero worship”. Knowing that your father is there for you at every point in life is the biggest strength for a child. Knowing that it is okay to make mistakes, it is okay to ask for help, it is okay to feel sad or lonely or confused because no matter what you are perfectly designed. And I loved the note from the son at the end where he says knowing that your dad is always there for you at an early age made him self confident and let him love himself. How important is that for our kids!!

The story has one message I believe every father, rather every parent would want to give their child- Being yourself is just the perfect thing! You are perfect my child just the way you are. No matter what am right here for you!

You Made Me a Dad (4-8 years)

Father’s Day: Poems Father’s Day (3-10 years)

Machher Jhol (5-10 years)

My Daddy and The Well (Hook Book, 5-7 years)

Books on Dads recommended for 6+ years

My Dad, the Hero (Walker Stories) for 5-8 years (64 pages – early chapter book)

Just Like Papa (Read the awesome review here! The author of the book is also a kbc member! )

I Love You Dino-Daddy

I Love You More Than the Smell of Swamp Gas (4-8 years)

Dad By My Side (4-8 years)

The Emperor’s Egg (5-8 years)

Flying with Grandpa (7-10 years)

My Dad’s A Birdman (for 8 yrs+) 128 pages

Bad Dad (9-12 years)

Pops! (9-13 years)

And some more!

Read At Home: Super Dad

I Love My Grandad

I Love You, Daddy

Thank you for sharing your recommendations!: Shaoni Mukhopadhyay, Asma Shaikh, Rashi Agrawal-Marda, Kausar Makki, Vandana Bakshi, Sucharita Pal Ghoshal, Meghla Chakrabarty, Tejaswi Vadgama, Sabah Arenja Vig, Karthiki Sarvani, Madhu Kapani, Sherry Dawar, Mansi Bhandari and Namrata Soni

Shout-out to our 14yo Intern-In-Residence (Aarini – The Chief Childoo) for posting this.

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