Mar 282020
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Ensnared in this wreath of fear, lies a breathless me

Lost in a labyrinth of Fear’s artful creativity 

Behind this barricade lies my anxious heart

As again the tendrils of Fear, drag me into its cart

I twiddle and fidget, but little wonder

How Fear doped me and left me yonder

Treading back into my deep and dreary dungeon

I feel my frozen heart wither under the spur of confinement 

Running and flailing, all I see

Heavy fog and unknown mists clawing at me

Dazed and weary, I bravely stand on my calloused feet,

Struggling, yet wading through the clouds of fearful captivity encircling me

All of when I feel my pained body rise 

As a tepid breeze lets my sunk spirits breathe

Rising and rising, I find my slumbering heart awaken

Crooning songs of mirth, my heart radiates freedom

Finally when I look back down

I gaze at everlasting Hope, around me forever fasten.

                  – Rehaan 

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