Apr 022020
An ode to the migrant workers
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They trudged along with tired steps,

Steps that promised eventual death;

Staring at the vacant horizon with wistful eyes,

They saw their wretched fates sealed before their sight;

Unquenched pangs rattled their bony frames,

Decaying hunger trickled of their sizzling pains;

Fatigue afflicted their souls with traumatic


Weary eyelids drooped and faded into the crevasse of adversity;

But they continued to stagger weakly ahead,

As Death’s evil trance failed to abate;

Finally a cry of anguish escaped their parched lips,

Their hollow bodies fell on the searing silt;  

Those destitute souls roamed, tortured and racked,

The piling bodies proof to blasphemy in the act;

Truth dawned upon the apathetic countrymen awhile,

Of the innocent sufferers who kindled the nation’s rise.

                          – Rehaan

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