Sep 052020


They tirelessly pace upon the treadmill of life, With habitual unflagging shrugs, through life’s hurdles they contrive; For Teachers in their wilfully, steely demeanour, Desperately conceal their simple, warmly loving nature; With fond, tender musings,…Continue Reading

May 292020


Shimmering softly with its worldly glow, In life’s weary, subdued shores; Hope – a beast fierce and wild, Yet a free spirit – warm and bright! When spectres morose, darkened life’s cloudy sphere, Dark and…Continue Reading

May 042020


Thy eyes were pools of Stygian mists, That sparks of sentiment, did resist; Cold and ungiving – thy thoughts elapsed, Drinking the breath of damned souls ‘ready passed; Thou stood there watching my soul reaped,…Continue Reading

Apr 192020

To All Things New…

The diving roller eagerly leaped from the clutches of the sky, And settled upon a lush tree, with a carefree sigh; It moved down to a leaf, guzzling the Summer dew, And then with a…Continue Reading

Apr 062020

A Beacon of Hope

This cataclysmic epoch, like the rest shall pass, Transient woes shall wither away; Smiles will find its way back, through the downcast mass, Cheer again will run ablaze, as wretched grief shall allay; A warm…Continue Reading

Apr 022020

An ode to the migrant workers

They trudged along with tired steps, Steps that promised eventual death; Staring at the vacant horizon with wistful eyes, They saw their wretched fates sealed before their sight; Unquenched pangs rattled their bony frames, Decaying…Continue Reading