May 042020
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Thy eyes were pools of Stygian mists,

That sparks of sentiment, did resist;

Cold and ungiving – thy thoughts elapsed,

Drinking the breath of damned souls ‘ready passed;

Thou stood there watching my soul reaped,

Thence carrying my corpse, long deceased;

I ponder what fog drapes thy dreadful thoughts,

What cold ruthless meditation, in thy mind rots!

Thou stomped upon the groin of good- natured life,

Thou stung every heartfelt passion sauntering anigh;

With indifferent steps, thee moved ahead,

A sigh of Apathy to ardent emotions in Mankind’s heart bred;

Listening to thy silent thoughts, stealing by,

I watch thy pale visage, twisting into a smile wry;

Then with a morose sigh, thee, from this happy realm tore away;

And with newfound respect in my eyes,

I realised the pains thee took for selfish Mankind’s sake………..

      In hindsight.



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