May 282019
Menstrupedia Comic
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Book: Menstrupedia Comic    

Author: Aditi Gupta/ Tuhin Paul

Type: Paperback

Ages: 9+ years

What we like about this book: This is a highly recommended book to introduce tween girls (and boys aged 10+) to Menstruation in a non complicated way. The language is friendly and answers various questions young girls have that they may not want to ask their parents/teachers. Makes the perfect gift to tween girls. Moms of tween boys may find this really helpful to educate their boys as well.

Gulu – The Essential Guide To Puberty For Boys (English) for 8-14 years – is also from the makers of Menstrupedia. There is a Hindi edition as well.

NEW RELEASE: Adi & Anku Learn To Stay Safe – The body safety guide for preschoolers (English) for 3-6 years (28 pages). Kimeera has shared a mini review and inside pages in the fb group here. Quoting her:

“It very succinctly explains safe and unsafe situations with respect to body autonomy and private parts, and especially, what to do in an unsafe situation. It is important to educate children on safe and unsafe situations as opposed to just stranger danger. The book shows exactly this through an anecdotal example. Clear language and clear, discreet pictures make it easy for kids to understand and remember key points. A MUST HAVE for young children and parents.”

TruBuddy Comics for 7-14 years by the makers of MENSTRUPEDIA (24 pages each)

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