May 292019
Good Night, Spot
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Image Source: Bookworm Goa

Book:  Good Night, Spot

Author: Eric Hill

Type: Board Book

Ages: 0-3 years

Synopsis of the book

What readers like about this book: The Spot series of books are very helpful to teach early concepts to naughty toddlers! Spot is an adorable character and this book is the perfect bedtime story which encourages toddlers to bathe at night and get ready for a good night’s sleep. Simple words. Big fun images. Exactly what toddlers love.

Similar books in the series – Spot Says Goodnight (Spot – Original Lift The Flap)
Spot Loves Bedtime

The Spot series of books by Eric Hill can be found on Amazon here.

Spot – Original Lift-the-flap books by Eric Hill also very popular with our kbc childoos!

Where’s Spot? (Spot – Original Lift The Flap) Watch little Maanvi look for Spot in the cutest read aloud in the fb group!

Spot’s Fire Engine: shaped book with siren and flashing light! 

Spot’s Slide and Seek: Funfair – This is a push, pull, slide, jiggle highly interactive book which Vichithra has and recommends 🙂

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