Mar 272022
Find Your Balance… Do You Want To Try? – Yoga For Kids [Review]
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Title: Do You Want To Try? – Yoga For Kids

Author: Lyudmila Klasanova

Type: Paperback with French Flaps

Age group: 2 – 6 years

Pages: 40

Published by: Eternal Tree Books

Yoga expert Dr. Lyudmila Klasanova proves that supporting a child’s mental health does not need to be difficult, expensive or even time-consuming.

Om Chanting

This is a beautiful book about a young boy who wants to speak with animals and one day his dream comes true when he chants OM and gets the power to understand the language of animals.

The animals then explained the boy why he needs to practice their poses, the benefits of practising the animal poses are explained in very simple way by the animals themselves along with the pose names both in English and Sanskrit. My son is an animal lover and he loved this book a lot.

Inside pages of the book
Inside pages of the book

The day we received the book a seed paper was inside and to our surprise the seed we sowed turned out to be a beautiful seedling.

Gifting books are like planting a seed in someone’s life, we received this beautiful gift and are learning to be safe from some hard times like this seedling as well as achieving our own success by mastering these yoga poses.

Adho Mukha Shawasana

This book led him to ask: why are so many yoga poses named after animals? Do you know why? If not book your copy just now as this book will bring to light several new facts about Yoga.


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