Oct 112019
The Girl Who Ironed Her Hair and other stories
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Book: The Girl Who Ironed Her Hair and other stories

Author: Lalita Iyer

Illustrated by: Sheena Deviah

Type: Paperback

Ages: 6-10 years

Synopsis of the book

What we like about this book: It’s quirky with a capital Q! Each story is a hilarious, easy read and very different from the other. Clearly Lalli and her family are nutso and keep the readers entertained with their quirky obsessions! You’ll find everything from ironing hair to elaborate fart charts to a dad with acute doctor affinity to a stitching frenzied mom to a trip to scones-land! Lalita Iyer’s language and art of storytelling ensure readers roll with laughter. Brownies to the illustrator.

Lalli’s brother’s fart chart!
Lalli dreaming of scones!

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