Oct 122019
Review: Rani Celebrates Holi
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The beautiful cover

Title: Rani Celebrates Holi

Author : Anita Badhwar

Type: Paperback

Age : 2-5 yrs

India is a land of festivals and Holi is our favorite among all. Nothing can be better than introducing this fun filled festival with such a beautiful book.

Princess Rani, like any other kid, is super excited about the festival of Holi and she celebrates it with her family and friends. But what an amazing roller coaster ride of events happens in between!

This book is a complete package for inculcating the values of culture, friendships, family, courage for saying truth, values of emotions, cleanliness and most important the right way of playing Holi. The very last page has got a full description of why we celebrate this festival.

Read this book to find out… Who hid the colours?? And why Hari says “messy messy”? He is such a hilarious character for kids. How did Princess Rani manage to find the colours? And what surprise is hidden for Bindi while playing Holi? :)) The story keeps you guessing.

Everyone in whites celebrating Holi with Bindi the elephant!

Characters like Jaya, cute parrot “Hari” and a loveable “clean” elephant – Bindi (my daughter’s favorite) make this book even more interesting.

We thoroughly loved it. Easy vocabulary, beautiful big colourful pictures and “the night scene” makes this a perfect read.

We’ve been reading ONLY Rani for the past 4 days. Guess why? Because Vedu (short for Vedika) has become so attached to the book and its characters that she is sleeping & eating with “plincess laani” ;))

To sum up, it’s not just a book. It’s a whole lot of values spun around Holi in a beautiful story.

Happy reading!!

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