Oct 032019
Book Review: Rani and the Safari Surprise!
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Author: Anita Badhwar

Book type: Paperback

Age group: 2-5 years

This book is about a princess who is super excited to go for a jungle safari and see the animals which she hasn’t seen before. She has a pet parrot named ‘Hari’. She loves sweets so she packs a snack box with sweets and starts for the jungle. She sees various animals and is amused to look at them.

The best part of this book is each animal is given a name which catches the interest of the kids. The elephant on which Rani rides and leaves for the jungle is named as ‘Bindi’. How sweet is that!

I loved the illustrations. The dialogues of Hari, “No problem no problem” and many others are too funny.

Oh wait! It’s not about only watching animals and returning home, then comes the topsy turvy scene in the palace! After Rani returns back from the Jungle, she gets a surprise in her snack box, which creates a little trouble in the palace. And how Rani solves the problem, is commendable. For that you need to read the story.

I and my son, Joy, loved watching the animals, Hari’s squeaks and the later part of the story is very amusing.

Wonderfully illustrated and a lovely story, especially for kiddoos who love animals and are enchanted by princess stories.

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