Oct 212019
Review: Rani’s Green Ganesh Chaturthi Festival
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Title: Rani’s Green Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

Author : Anita Badhwar

Type: Paperback

Age : 2-5 yrs

This book ‘Rani’s Green Ganesh Chaturthi Festival’ by Anita Badhwar is a part of the Little Princess Rani and the Palace Adventures series and honestly, is all that my daughter needed this festival.

Lord Ganesha is my daughter’s favourite deity. She was so excited to read it. The most wonderful aspect of this book is that it’s very simple to understand. The author has not just explained about Ganesha festival but also has taken care to educate young minds about how to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganesha.

“Going Green” is a must in today’s world. And if we can teach children these things through books, nothing like it.

The pet character “Hari” and “Bindi” are very appealing. The conversation between Jaya and Rani and timely interference of Hari questioning about various things is what my daughter liked the most.

The way Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated by Rani, Maharani and all others was an interesting read. The author has made a good effort to summarise the festival in the last page.  

I feel, it’s a must-have book for every kid’s collection. 

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