Apr 282021

Review: Don’t Let Them Disappear

It’s a fabulous non fiction picture book that talks about 12 endangered species across the globe. The author has kept the information short and precise which makes it easy for young minds to comprehend. The passages about every animal include — its geographical range, endangered status, probable reasons that threaten their existence and also some peculiar traits.

Apr 112021

Review: The Water Hole

The book talks about how all the animals visit the water hole and how they leave the place because the water hole dries up. When it rains, the water hole is filled up again and the animals come back. The illustrations are beautifully painted like real scenes from a jungle.

Mar 112021

Review: The Storm Whale

The story is short and sweet, perfect for younger children. It teaches children about the loneliness of Noi, the friendship between Noi and the baby whale, the kindness of Noi and how Noi’s dad, who is a single parent here, juggles between work and home.

May 152019

Review: Sera Learns to Fly!

Book: Sera Learns to Fly! Author: Vinitha Art: Nizara Verulkar Publishers: Katha Type: Paperback Age: 2-5 years Recently we won “Sera learns to fly!”  from The Curious Owl and Kids Book Café Review-a-Book Contest .…Continue Reading