Jun 192021

On a bright sunny morning, while I’m still in bed, Papa is calling me hysterically. ‘Cheeku (yeah! that’s my nickname) get up I have a surprise for you’. ‘What is it, Papa?’ I ask with my half opened eyes and my brain still sleeping. He carries me to another room, suddenly my jaws dropped and eyes popped out and I couldn’t believe Papa got me, MY VERY OWN DINO
(a T-Rex, it was) PET. He had planned a day out with just three of us – Papa, dino pet & me.

May 082021

Review: Just Ask!

This book, “Just Ask!: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You” by US Supreme Court Justice – Sonia Sotomayor is inspired by her diagnosis of juvenile diabetes at the age of 7. It addresses 12 differently-abled children working together to build a community garden. This heart-warming story introduces 12 individuals with diverse conditions like diabetes, autism, asthma, dyslexia, Tourette’s syndrome, Down syndrome, etc.

Apr 282021

Review: Don’t Let Them Disappear

It’s a fabulous non fiction picture book that talks about 12 endangered species across the globe. The author has kept the information short and precise which makes it easy for young minds to comprehend. The passages about every animal include — its geographical range, endangered status, probable reasons that threaten their existence and also some peculiar traits.

Mar 122021

Review: Friends Behind Walls

What do you do when your parents are at loggerheads and don’t let you play together? Inu and Putti have become friends and are determined to dissolve the animosity between their parents.